Loretta Contreras

Office Manager



Loretta Contreras studied English with a Concentration in Creative Writing at UCLA, and received her M.A. in English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing at Loyola Marymount University. Her professional background consists of time spent conducting college courses, bartending, teaching arts and crafts to three-to-five years old in the parks, working as an administrative assistant/office manager, organizing people’s houses, and in between, she edits and writes. With her time here at Adam Wheeler Design, she has added in bookkeeper and design enthusiast. 


Piece of art that you would like to live with.  Camille Claudel's "The Waltz".

What is your least favorite building in Los Angeles? The box I live in. (See next answer.)

In what residential masterpiece would you like most to live? I’d consider the box I live in a masterpiece if it were on Lake Como. But since it’s not, I’d have to settle for Fallingwater, because of the water thing.

Name the city that you would most like to get lost in. Mexico City. It touts having the most museums in the world. And then there’s always the food. 

What is something that disgusts youWhen people clip their nails in public. It’s simply vile!

Name three people – alive or dead – with whom you would like to host a dinner? Oscar Wilde, Mae West, and Ella Fitzgerald.