CLIENT:  Actress   LOCATION : Venice, CA   AREA:  3000 Sqft   COMPLETED:  2010   PROGRAM:  Remodel Private Residence   LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT:  Jay Griffith   CONTRACTOR:  Milker and Sons:  Chris Miller    IMAGES BY:  Tao Ruspoli
 Hired to create a space adjacent to the master bedroom where the client would, in their words, “go and escape”. The solarium was inspired by the traditional Japanese tea house and English garden room as places of silence, meditation and for viewing the landscape beyond. 
  CLIENT:  Confidential   LOCATION : Los Angeles, California   AREA:  3330 Sqft   COMPLETED:  2014   PROGRAM:  Residence   CONTRACTOR : Knightbuilders Inc.:  Steve Knight    IMAGES BY:  Mark Montiel
  CLIENT:  Confidential   LOCATION : Los Feliz, CA   AREA:  3380 Sqft   COMPLETED:  2013   PROGRAM:  Remodel Private Residence   IMAGES BY:  Mark Montiel
  CLIENT:  Confidential   LOCATION : Huntington Harbor, CA   AREA:  2800 Sqft   COMPLETED:  2007   PROGRAM:  Private Residence   IMAGES BY:  Joshua White